Dream Lake Snowshoe

January 1st, 2012

Since January 1st was a Sunday this year, we couldn't do our usual birthday celebration for Erin as none of the college bowl games were on tv.  As you can imagine, Erin was crushed, but we decided that since it was a nice day we should head up to the mountains and get a quick snowshoe in.  We left around 10am and we got to the trailhead about 11:15.  The weather was good up in the mountains, but a bit windy at times.  It is a short walk up the hill to get to Nymph Lake.  We've never been there in the winter before and it was fun to be able to walk right on to the frozen lake.

Standing on Nymph Lake

We walked across the lake to join back up with the trail to Dream Lake.  In the summer you have to walk around the lake, but in the winter you can cut off some time and just go straight across.  It was bright sunshine heading up the exposed parts of the trail.

Views along the trail

We quickly got to our destination of Dream Lake.  It was pretty windy and a bunch cooler up there since it was completely in the shade.

A frozen Dream Lake

We spent only a few minutes at the lake as it was pretty windy and cold.  We turned around and headed back to the trailhead.

On our way back down

Overall, it was a great hike and a fun chance to get outside on the first day of the new year.  Happy birthday Erin.

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