Lake Agnes Snowshoe near Cameron Pass

February 2nd, 2013

We haven't gotten much of a chance to go snowshoeing this year because Erin hurt her foot back around Thanksgiving.  She was finally feeling good enough to try it and we had a nice Saturday morning so we decided to go explore a different area for snowshoeing.  We drove up Poudre Canyon until we were almost to Cameron Pass.  There's a pretty big parking lot for the Lake Agnes trailhead.  We got out and it was pretty cold and windy, but we decided to see how the actual trail was.  It didn't take long to reach the shelter of trees which helped us warm up along with the steep uphill trail. 

Views from the snowy trail

The trail to the lake is short, but the first 2/3rds of it is pretty steep and at about 10,000 ft, so it was slow going.  There was a large group of boy scouts from Fort Collins that were also starting the trail at the same time as us, but they were cross country skiing.  I'm really glad we were snowshoeing as it look miserable to ski up the trail.  Coming down would have been easy, but the uphill looked really tough on skis.

Erin and Tyler enjoying the hike

Eventually, we got to a section of the trail where it leveled out and also opened up for some great views of the surrounding peaks.

Can't beat the view

A short while later we made it to the lake where we stopped for a quick rest and a snack.

Lake Agnes

It's only about a mile to the lake from the trail head, there is a trail that continues on around the lake, but our feet were getting cold, so we headed back down the way we came.

Heading Back

A snapped several pictures on the way back to the car.  As you can tell, there was plenty of snow still in the trees as we had just gotten a big snowstorm a few days earlier.

Snowy Trees

We got back to the trail head and headed back to Fort Collins to get ready for our Super Bowl party.

Back at the trail head

Overall, it was a fun little snowshoe and a great day to be outside and enjoying the snow.

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